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Zoombild anschauen: Bracing breeze worldwide: BMW 3 Series Convertibles (engl.)
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Bracing breeze worldwide: BMW 3 Series Convertibles (engl.)

Freedom, a sun-kissed road and the pull of the horizon. All that's missing is a convertible car. In no other vehicle is this of emotional journey more keenly
experienced – on roads the world over.
That is why this book is set against just such an international backdrop. The Convertible variant of the renowned BMW 3 Series range, one of the most successful of all
drop-top cars, is shown graving highways and byways across five continents, roads which look built to drive down in an open-top-car, your graze roaming into the distance,
your face relaxing into the swirl of the breeze. New photographs of timelessly beautiful cars and breathtaking landscapes transfer the emotion of open-top driving from
road to paper. And a wealth of authentic material dating back through the decades testifies to a smilar feeling when each model was originally unveiled.
This book examines the beauty of form and uniqueness of identity shared by all the BMW 3 Series Convertibles through the years, and the powerful magnetism engendered
around the world by that flat silhouette. The new BMW Series Convertible, presented in early 2007, continues this tradition of sporty yet elegant design, fuelled by the
thrill of independence and the freedom of the bracing breeze in your face. Right across the globe.

BMW Mobile Tradition (Ed.): 2007
71 pages with col. illustrations and sketches.

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