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Zoombild anschauen: BMW Classic 5 Series 1972 to 2003
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BMW Classic 5 Series 1972 to 2003

After BMW's phoenix-like rise from the ashes of WWII, it soon developed a reputation for sports and luxury vehicles, eventually becoming the producer of the top-end business model 5 Series under chairman Eberhard von Kuenheim.
Covering the E12, E28, E34 and E39 models from the pre-Chris Bangle classic era, and with 150 new pictures, vehicle specifications, updated text, a "Meet the Tuners" section, plus forewords by Allen Hardy (America's first BMW tuner) and
Kevin Bird (of Birds, the UK's first BMW Hartge tuning agent), this new edition is the full story of the 5 Series - the car that gave rise to the modern sports sedan, and consolidated BMW's reputation for creating ultimate driving machines.

Marc Cranswick: 2017
232 pages

BMW 535i (E12) 1988 weiß, 1:18
BMW 535i (E12) 1988 weiß, 1:18
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