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BMW M3: The Complete Story (Engl.)

Few cars in recent years have inspired such devotion among enthusiasts as the BMW M3. Now entering its fifth generation, BMWs compact performance car is recognized
world-wide as the benchmark of its type. BMW M3 - The Complete Story looks in detail at the first four generations of the M3. For all fans of the BMW M3, this book
provides essential background. It is packed with facts and details that make the M3 legend come alive.

With over 250 photographs, the book covers:
- The original E30 M3 of 1986 - from a "homologation special" to a status symbol
- Design and development fo the E36 M3, including a new 6-cylinder engine and more body choices
- The E46 M3 of 2000, with the developed 6-cylinder S54 engine and gearshift advances
- Racing success for the E90-series M3s, introduced in 2007 with V8 engines
- Driving, buying and special editions of all the models

James Taylor: 2014
192 pages

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