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Zoombild anschauen: The BMW Group home plant in Munich
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The BMW Group home plant in Munich

A century of works history: the volume extends across 272 pages from the beginnings of the Otto Works in 1913 to the latest investments, which will enable the works to reposition themselves in
important areas by 2018. The authors sketch a fascinating picture of this unique production location of the world famous BMW brand. A modern automobile and engine works in the middle of the city of
Munich - the BMW Group home plant is the nucleus of BMW production, combining the concern's long tradition with an ultra-modern production facility. Lavishly illustrated with historical and
ontemporary photos, the publication provides a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes, sketching turning points in the history of the works and recording comments by former and current employees.
It presents the industrial architecture over the years together with the continuous modernisation of the production installations which enable the concern to remain one step ahead of the latest
developments in technology at all times.

Caroline Schulenburg, Andreas Hemmerle: 2016
272 pages

Postkarte BMW Building
Postkarte BMW Building
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