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Zoombild anschauen: BMW Boxer Twins-All air-cooled models 1970-1996
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BMW Boxer Twins-All air-cooled models 1970-1996

Before the /5 series, BMW had a reputation for producing expensive and idiosyncratic touring motorcycles. But the /5 changed that.
Although still expensive, the market was opened to a new world of riders, and during the 1970s the air-cooled boxer evolved into the ground-breaking R90S
and R100RS. These were amongst the first motorcycles with factory-fitted fairings and they also offered class-leading performance.
Even when BMW decided to discontinue the twins in favour of the new four-cylinder K-series in 1984, demand for the older boxers forced BMW to reconsider.
The boxer was resurrected and continued for more than a decade.

Ian Falloon: 2014
160 pages (192 illustrations)

BMW Motorrad
BMW Motorrad
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