Boxer. BMW Motorcycles from 1969-1985 (engl.)

Boxer. BMW Motorcycles from 1969-1985 (engl.)
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The book that enthusiasts had waited for! This is the English translation of the first volume... mehr
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The book that enthusiasts had waited for!

This is the English translation of the first volume of a two-part publication about BMWs two-valve boxers air cooled “Airheads” (see below).
The German version of our first volume has been selling well for over a year now and has received many favourable reviews. This success has highlighted the need for an English language version.

Volume 1 covers all models with twin shocks. The second volume (German version) will deal with all monolever and paralever models, is in the course of preparation.

Over 30 years ago, a unique success story began with BMWs first /5 models. It came to a close with the final R 80 GS Basic in 1996, after 250,000 models had left the assembly lines. Volume 1 covers the /5, /6 and /7 series extensively. In addition the following, built before 1985, are mentioned in detail: R 90 S, R 45, R 65 and R 65 LS as well as R 80 RT, R 100 CS, R 100 T, R 100 RT and R 100 RS.

Never before have technical details been presented as thoroughly as in this book. It includes a complete set of colours and equipment details. The numerous, and often invisible, changes and adjustments made by BMW during production have been listed meticulously. In addition, there is a complete list of frame numbers which is linked to the introduction of the changes. Advice on buying and refurbishing airhead models is also given. A separate chapter deals with models built for the U.S. market.

Andy Schwietzer, Brian Hoy, Werner Reiß: 2006
176 pages, most pictures in colour
DIN A4, Hardback

Marke: BMW
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